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About Luca Piazzi

Luca Piazzi’s photography has been published in advertising campaigns, blogs, and websites around the world, from editorial campaigns for brands such as, Cockpit USA, to artistic portraits.

Uninhibited, but with clarity and vision, his passion for the visual arts, combined with traveling, has given a unique perspective to his work.

“At age 15, I knew I was going to become a photographer. I was visiting a Massai traditional village in Kenya, with a team of filmmakers, and I picked up a camera and started shooting. I had no training, at that time, but the filmmakers were very excited when they saw my shots, and all said, I had an eye. That moment was a catalyst. It has been an amazing journey, I have not put my camera down since."

Luca Piazzi's work is infused with passion, and driven by his own lust for life, travel and love for people.
He lives and travels with a camera in hand between America, Kenya and Indonesia, and looks forward to working with you on your next photography project.



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